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US Passport Application

US Passport Application Process

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The DS-11 Application for a U.S. passport is used by all first-time applicants regardless of age, including children as well as adults. The only exception is if you have been issued a passport before and you have it in your possession, then you can use the DS-82 Renewal Form instead to renew your passport by mail.

The DS-11 form is also used by those who are eligible to use the renewal process but choose not to do so because they need to make changes to their passport, such as adding additional visa pages or they need to change their name on the passport (e.g., after a marriage or divorce).

The DS-11 application must be completed online, printed, and signed in black ink. Once completed, you will need to present the application along with supporting documentation proving citizenship and identity at an acceptance facility (such as a post office) or regional agency when you apply in person for your passport book or card. You will also need two identical photographs of yourself that meet all the photo requirements for a passport book or card.

The DS-11 is for the following:

First-time applicants

Minors (16 and under)

Replacement of a lost, stolen, or mutilated passport

Renewal of a passport that is more than 15 years old

Adding additional visa pages to your passport

Name change due to marriage, adoption, divorce, or court order

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